The essential French picnic – how to…

Imagine you are sitting on the banks of the Siene, enjoying a picnic of delicious French cheeses, crusty fresh baguettes and a special bottle of wine …

Even if you aren’t you can still picnic like the French from your backyard to the beach. It’s easy to give your picnic that ooh la, la, factor. Here’s how…

  1. Bread – the essential! A picnic is not truly French without a baguette or two. Biscuits just don’t cut it. It’s essential that it’s fresh and crusty. Forget about a knife and tear pieces to top with yummy combos of cheese, meats, vegies.
  2. Charcuterie – cured meats, terrines, pates. Think saucisson, Maggie Beer pheasant farm pate, pork terrines all go extremely well with cornichons (French gherkins). Not into meat? Try a great can of tuna. We recommend Cuca tuna – technically it’s Spanish but so worth jumping over the border for!
  3. Cheese – choices, choices, choices… for a hard cheese that travels well you can’t go past Comte or Contal, for something a little softer and spreadable you can’t go past a ready to eat camembert (keep an eye on it though as it may run away away quickly in the heat. And for lovers of blue, try
  4. Fruit & Vegetables – It’s summer so you are not spoilt for choice, cherry tomatoes, your favourite berries, baby carrots or radishes, pears, cucumbers.
  5. Something to drink? When is Rose not right for a picnic? Of course, Champagne or chilled white wine are acceptable too. On a really hot day though cold beer or crisp cider might be just the thing! Water- absolument oui!

Now you have the five vital elements of truly French picnic, it’s about creating the combinations that work for you, packing your picnic, finding a great location, sharing and having fun.

Of course, there are so many choices to make in creating your perfect French picnic, just thinking about the different types of cheese you might take can be a daunting task. The Queen Victoria Market Dairy Hall really is your one stop location for picnic – you can pick up fresh baguettes, vegies and even get a chilled wine or cold beer. When it comes to cheese and charcuterie, Kev at The Corner Larder can help you give your picnic that certain je ne sais quoi!